Youth Coaching

If your child recently graduated and will soon enter the workforce, give them the gift of knowledge! This is a one-on-one financial literacy session providing them with education and strategies before they accumulate debt.

Let’s look at situations in which an Individual Financial Literacy Coaching session could be beneficial.  If your child needs to:

    • Learn how to create a spending plan.
    • Wants to establish credit.
    • Save more money.
    • Understand how credit and credit scores work.
    • Wants to minimize or pay-off student loans.
    • Wants to buy a car.
    • Will be leasing an apartment.
    • Is confused and unsure of their financial future.

Coaching sessions can be conducted via phone, remotely, or in person. 

The One Hour Explanation:

Each educational 60-minute session thoroughly explains a topic. Topics include (1) Budgeting (2) Credit: Why credit is so important. (3) Credit Scoring: What is a credit score?  (4) Debt Management: How to minimize debt!  (5) Savings: How to accumulate wealth.  (6) How to buy a car without spinning your wheels.  (7) On your own: How to rent your first place.

Note: Information is presented in general terms and is designed for youth with little or no debt. If individual or specific solutions are required, one-on-one coaching fees will apply.

Investment: $60

Why should you hire Roslyn?

Roslyn, the Ol’ Skool Money Mentor, is a knowledgeable and respected personal finance expert. She is an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFCⓇ) and is  recognized as a leader in Financial Coaching and Education.  Her advice has been featured by national media outlets.

Some of the places that you’ve seen the Ol’ Skool Money Mentor:

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