Youth Classes


Organizations that are in need of financial literacy training may request a proposal for an on-site class. Offering classes to your clients (age 14 and up) couldn’t be easier. Just reserve a room at your workplace, and we’ll do the rest! (Note: if you are looking for an individual youth coaching session, we offer that too!)

Classes are designed to provide an integrated course of study and are taught by national Personal Finance Expert, Roslyn Lash, AFC®.  Upon completion of the full series, participants are provided with the necessary tools to become financially self-sufficient, to increase wealth, and to have a better sense of financial wellness! The following classes are offered:


– Budgeting
– Credit Matters
– Credit Cards
– Debt Management (including Student Loans)
– Savings
– Life Skills:

Buying a car
Consumers Awareness

Statistics show that young Americans can benefit from financial education:

Everyone should have the education and resources to make sound financial decisions. Knowledge and confidence is required to ask the right questions in order to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, personal finances and money management skills are not nourished in the educational system.  This forces young adults to haphazardly learn their money management skills through their financial mistakes. Our goal is to help youth make better financial choices and to increase their chances for a better financial future!


Organizations: Click here for a chance to win a free class!
(Must be within 40 miles of zip code 27101)