About Roslyn:

Also known as “The Ol’ Skool Money Mentor”, I am an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) with a Real Estate Broker License and a B.A. in Business Administration.  I help adults sort through their money matters. If you need an unbiased opinion, I can help!  I provide online and phone coaching sessions to help you plan, save, and live for a brighter tomorrow…starting today!

I’m frequently a Top Advisor on NerdWallet.com because I enjoy educating people.  My advice has been highlighted in national publications including USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Quicken Loans, and other media outlets.

On a personal note, I’m a baby boomer born to a survivor of the Great Depression of 1929.  As a child, I regularly heard stories of homelessness, lack of food, and high unemployment.  My mother stressed the importance of saving money, not spending my last dollar, and preparing for life’s financial emergencies. She’d say “What are you going to do if you lose your job, your salary is cut, or your car breaks down? Things may be good for you right now, but you’re not guaranteed to always have that job”!

Well, as my mom predicted, life happened (as it inevitably does), and I lost my job. In an instant, I became an unemployed single parent with limited income. But, because of my inclination to live below my means and save for a rainy day (and oh, was it raining!), I was able to sustain my family. This situation became a source of inspiration, and it compelled me to help others with their finances.

I can be reached at Coach@RoslynLash.com.  Follow me on Twitter and on Facebook!

About Youth$mart:

In addition to providing online Financial Coaching to millennials, I founded Youth Smart Financial Education Services. It’s a financial education program primarily for teens.  The program is designed to help individuals as well as schools, churches and organizations provide financial education to their young participants.  Click here to view the youth financial curriculum. If you want to give the gift of knowledge to your teen, individual financial literacy sessions are also offered.