Adult Coaching

You’re considering marriage and starting a family, or maybe relocating and buying a house…all while tackling your student loans and saving for retirement. Whew! It’s a lot to consider, and you need someone to help you sort out the details.  I will help you navigate your finances, change your life, and inspire your dreams!

Are you stressed out about your finances or in a tough financial situation and you need a second opinion? Perhaps you’re embarrassed, or you are confused and you’ve never heard of a Financial Coach. Book a free discovery call! We can chat about your situation and I can put your fears at ease. Now, let’s take a look at some situations in which a Financial Coach could be beneficial:

    • You want to buy a new home or car but aren’t quite ready.
    • You need help creating a spending plan.
    • You want to improve or rebuild your credit.
    • You want to save money.
    • You don’t know where your money is going.
    • You want to reduce your debt.
    • You need help dealing with bill collectors.
    • You are confused and unsure of your financial future.
    • You are considering bankruptcy or a debt management plan.
    • You need a second opinion.


Coaching sessions can be conducted via phone, remotely, or in person. 


A 20-minute phone conversation can help establish your immediate goals and define the gaps between your current situation and your dreams. If you enroll in a coaching session within 30 days, the consultation fee will be credited toward your session.
Investment: $35  **Book Now**


The Quick Solution:

You will receive a 90-minute session to discuss your financial concerns.  This is a comprehensive session designed for those seeking detailed solutions. You will receive a written Action Plan detailing the steps required to accomplish your goals.
Investment: $176  **Book Now**


Short-term Financial Coaching ~ Four (4) sessions:

This program is designed to help identify your views about money, your spending patterns, and to explore your short-term and long-term goals. Together we’ll determine how your spending habits impact your credit and budget.  A written Action Plan will be developed to aid you in achieving your dreams.  In addition, you will receive support with email access between appointments.

By the end of the program, you will have a clear awareness of your core money thoughts, and a full understanding of how to proceed with your Action Plan.
Investment: $559 Best Value**Book Now**

All sessions must be completed with in six months.


On-going Coaching Support ~ One (1) session per month:

Change takes place through an adjustment in awareness, education, and behavior patterns.  We firmly believe that one’s awareness and willingness to learn is the key to changing one’s attitude toward money.  We are committed to working with you on an ongoing basis and we consider ourselves  your partner.

Ongoing coaching sessions are tailored to intensely address your needs. This can be accomplished through monthly reviews, and strategic changes to your Action Plan.  You will also receive unlimited email support to help you reach your goals faster. These sessions are designed to foster changes that will inspire dreams!
Investment: $132 monthly

This deal is available to those that have completed Short-term Coaching.

Pricing Philosophy:

The investment fees are structured to allow you to select the package which best fits into your budget.  We realize that your goal is to save time and money. The more supportive that we are to you, the faster you’ll master your personal finances.  In the meantime, we have designed cost-effective plans so that you’ll save money on our Short-term and On-going coaching sessions.  In other words, the longer your coaching schedule, the more money that you will save.

As you make a decision, please keep in mind that the coaching sessions will provide you with an educational opportunity. While you are in the process of learning, you will also save money. You must recognize the high cost of being in debt.  For example, if you owed $10,000 at 16% interest, and you’ve paid the minimum monthly payment of $150 for the past five years, you have paid $7,482 in interest.  That’s nearly $7,500 that you could have saved or invested. What’s equally as surprising is that after five years of payments, your current balance exceeds $8,000 and you still have nine years left to pay on the card! You’ve paid more money (without any benefit) than you would’ve paid for a coaching package, and your debt is still high!

Our coaching is affordable and effective, and we provide an independent perspective on matters that you may otherwise miss.  We’ve aligned our values with your ultimate goal of saving money!

Why should you hire Roslyn?

Roslyn, the Ol’ Skool Money Mentor, is a knowledgeable and respected personal finance expert. She is an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFCⓇ) recognized as a leader in Financial Coaching and Education.  Her advice has been featured by national media outlets.

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