It’s hard to decide on your financial goals when you’re in your 20’s and 30’s. Let’s face it, these decisions are kind of hard at any age! But the older that you get, the more that you’ll wish that you’d learned this stuff. So, here’s a summary on what you […]

Advice for a Increased Financial Future

Most people have misguided views on how millennials handle money. Most assume millennials don’t know how to save money. It’s hard to argue the perspective. A large percentage of millennials still live at home despite working full-time jobs. Here’s a statistic that’s hard to ignore. Millennials save 5% more of […]

Millennials Save 5% More Money But Face Other Challenges

By Klaus Nymand at The American Dream in peril? A 2016 study shows that Americans have a meager nest egg. How much money do you need set aside for emergencies? That number is different for everyone. Most will agree, however, that the larger your savings, the more secure your […]

Americans are broke!

  Youth Smart Financial Education Services is a financial education and coaching program primarily for youth and millennials. There are two focuses: To help schools, churches, businesses, and non-profit organizations provide financial education to their young clients. Providing coaching sessions to young adults, commonly referred to as Millennials or Gen Y’s, to help them take control of […]

An Entrepreneur’s Passion