As we experience one of the coldest winters in many years we’re likely to also experience the highest heating bills that we’ve seen in recent years. There are some simple tips that will reduce your cost. Perhaps the easiest ways to cut your electricity bill is to use energy saving […]

Tips to Save on Heating Cost

If you are like most people you have trouble saving money. You’ll set aside some money but something unexpected will happen and you’ll spend the money.  I’ve had money in an envelope designated for saving. I’ve gone through the drive-through at a fast food restaurant and realized that I didn’t […]

Two Easy Ways To Save Money!

It’s hard to decide on your financial goals when you’re in your 20’s and 30’s. Let’s face it, these decisions are kind of hard at any age! But the older that you get, the more that you’ll wish that you’d learned this stuff. So, here’s a summary of what you […]

Advice for a Increased Financial Future

Most people have misguided views on how millennials handle money. Most assume millennials don’t know how to save money. It’s hard to argue the perspective. A large percentage of millennials still live at home despite working full-time jobs. Here’s a statistic that’s hard to ignore. Millennials save 5% more of […]

Millennials Save 5% More Money But Face Other Challenges