According to the American Research Group in store shoppers are expected to spend an average of $929 for Christmas gifts in 2016.  Online consumers are expected to spend an average of $1,342.  Forbes reports that 63% of Americans have under $500 saved, however.  Nearly two-thirds of Americans cannot afford to […]

Reducing Holiday $tress

By Roslyn Lash It’s easy to spend more than you planned when buying a car. The nicer, more expensive cars are generally parked prominently on the showroom floor, while the average, more affordable cars are less visible. Once you see those shiny cars, it’s easy to become so excited that […]

How to Buy a Car

You’ve decided to leave college. Maybe you’re becoming an entrepreneur, or you’ve concluded that higher education isn’t right for you. Or maybe you can’t afford to stay in school. Whatever your reason, during this time of starting anew, don’t forget about those student loans. Leaving school early means you’re more likely to fall […]

Tips for Paying Off your Student Loans