Are you debating about placing a credit freeze on your account? If so, I understand! We’ve experienced some major security hacks.  We’ve had breaches from department stores, email accounts, Equifax (that was major!), and now Facebook is under attack. So the question becomes, “should I freeze my accounts”? It only […]

To Freeze or Not to Freeze? That is the Question.

In an ideal world no one would need credit because everyone would be able to pay for their purchases with cash. Imagine seeing your dream house or dream car(s) and simply being able to buy it! That’s in an ideal world. For the majority of us…that ain’t happening! We must […]

Best Credit Cards

The Equifax Data breach reportedly affected 143 million Americans. That’s over half of all adults. Look at the person sitting to your right (go ahead, look), now look at the person seated to your left…it’s likely that two of you could be affected by fraud. This security breach could not […]

Equifax Hack: How to Protect Yourself!

Simple Steps to Fix Your Credit! Do you have a low FICO score? Have you been denied credit? Nearly half (46%) of adults  could not cover a $400 emergency. So it’s understandable that they can’t pay their bills on time. In many cases, after paying the rent there’s little money […]

How to fix your credit!