Tips for the home buyer: Contact a housing counselor for guidance and counseling. Check your credit at http://www.AnnualCreditReport.com. Shop around for the best Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Verify the lender’s required downpayment amount.  If you do not have enough, check with local agencies for assistance. Ask the lender for a […]

Tips for the homebuyer

  Youth Smart Financial Education Services is a financial education and coaching program primarily for youth and millennials. There are two focuses: To help schools, churches, businesses, and non-profit organizations provide financial education to their young clients. Providing coaching sessions to young adults, commonly referred to as Millennials or Gen Y’s, to help them take control of […]

An Entrepreneur’s Passion

  AFC® certification marks the highest standards of excellence in the field of financial counseling and education.  Accredited Financial Counselors have certified skills to assist individuals and families in the complex process of financial decision making, including the ability to: Educate clients in sound financial principles. Assist clients in the […]

What is an Accredited Financial Counselor?